Sunday, December 22, 2019

Something is watching me!

In my book, "A Long Paddle Home," the protagonist is haunted by his past and by a mysterious creature which follows his every move. 

In order to write the sentences within the story, I had to feel them first. 

With that goal in mind, I took a journey through Algonquin Park to the very place where a huge revelation within the story happens. The old Pine River Logging site on the Tim River. 

As I paddled toward the portage from Queer lake to the Tim River, the mist enshrouded shoreline allowed my imagination to run free. 

It was there within the mist that I was finally able to see the entity which wanders through the pages of "A Long Paddle Home." 

Shivers ran through me as I realized that this creature could actually exist.  

All indigenous cultures have a name for it. 

I call it - Agawaatesin. 


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