Wednesday, December 25, 2019

A Ruffed Grouse interrupts firewood cutting.

This ruffed grouse landed on my snowmobile while I was cutting up a downed tree for firewood. 

I shut the saw off and placed it in the snow, then I slowly sat down to address the little hitchhiker. 

I spoke to her quietly asking questions which obviously would never be answered. She flew onto the snow and waddled up to my foot where she poked and prodded my footwear. 

When I moved, she moved. When I walked away from her she ran after me. 

She disappeared  as fast as she appeared. I turned to pick up my saw and when I looked back, my new buddy was gone. 

I touched her head once while in her presence and she made a soft gentle sound indicating that she too was enjoying our time together.  

It was a great day. I did not get the amount of wood cut that I had intended, but these encounters are rare and there was no way I was going to dismiss it for a few extra loads of wood. The wood could wait for another day. 

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