I have taught the ways of the wilderness for well over thirty years and have authored a novel which dives deep into the shadows that follow you as you traverse wilderness trails. It is my hope to reach as many people as possible to tell everyone that the wilderness is not a place to be wary of. It is the only place where a person can dig deep into their soul and find that which is hidden to them by modern day society.
~ R.G. Wright - Hawks Shadow

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Horse flies suck!

I spotted this young buck one morning as I was wandering around the pond in front of my house. 

I stalked to a patch of weeds and filmed him as he contended with swarms of horse flies. 

I sat quietly and forced myself not to swat at the incessant flies. 

These moments are rare, concentrate on the subject and don't worry about the audience. Soak it in because it will never be reproduced.  

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