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~ R.G. Wright - Hawks Shadow

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

How to dry out a tent

Setting up camp is full of expectations and excitement, the days ahead show promise of adventure and freedom. 

When it's time to strike camp - thoughts of unpacking your gear once you arrive home fills your head with thoughts which are not conducive to making you smile. 

A wet tent is a problem because you can't leave it packed. Mold and mildew will ruin the shelter and stink up your camp closet. You must set the tent up upon arriving home and wait until it dries out. 

A simple way to preclude this extra step is to dry the tent out at camp before packing it away. If the campsite has bushes, simply place the tent on top of the them and let the air dry the shelter out. 

It's fast, efficient and beautifully simple. The entire tent will be ready to bag and put away until your next adventure. 

Make sure the bushes are the gentle type and not full of thorns.  Of course, this method doesn't work if it is raining. 😉

Happy camping!   

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