I have taught the ways of the wilderness for well over thirty years and have authored a novel which dives deep into the shadows that follow you as you traverse wilderness trails. It is my hope to reach as many people as possible to tell everyone that the wilderness is not a place to be wary of. It is the only place where a person can dig deep into their soul and find that which is hidden to them by modern day society.
~ R.G. Wright - Hawks Shadow

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Morning Lesson

The play between cold air and warm water can result in a magical display which is irresistible to the wandering eyes of an outdoors person.
I paddle into the mist and become invisible to the world. My mind conjures up images of spirits dancing to a melody which only they can hear.

As my canoe drifts through the surreal scene, an island appears from the depths of the lake. It seems, for the moment, that I am standing still and it is the island which is moving.

The Earth spins a few more degrees and the sun's heat begins to dissipate the dancers on the lake. I paddle to shore and spend a few minutes immersed in the magic.

A thought moves into my mind; unbidden but welcome. It's message remains shrouded for a short time and I do not search for it's meaning. Slowly it moves to the forefront and I write it into my memory. 

The message is clear and poignant. It tells me that life is fleeting. Most of us believe that the future holds more promise than the present. We look beyond the moment to moments which have not occurred yet. We miss the lessons of today for the hope that a greater lesson will present itself tomorrow.

As I walk back into my campsite, I become aware of everything I did not see just moments earlier. I turn my eyes back to the lake and thank the universe for the lesson I have just learned.

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