I have taught the ways of the wilderness for well over thirty years and have authored a novel which dives deep into the shadows that follow you as you traverse wilderness trails. It is my hope to reach as many people as possible to tell everyone that the wilderness is not a place to be wary of. It is the only place where a person can dig deep into their soul and find that which is hidden to them by modern day society.
~ R.G. Wright - Hawks Shadow


I have always been drawn to model railroads. I have no idea why. Perhaps it's because it's an immersive hobby, one that requires many different skill sets to create the illusion of reality. 

I like the 0N30 gauge due to its detail, it forces me to up my game and create more detailed landscapes and buildings. 

Often, in the middle of the night. I will sit down and pretend that I am walking down the dirt roads or standing in the shadows watching the train as it carries its load around the layout. 

For me; it's a form of escape. I become immersed in 
the layout and drift into my creative side. 

If I get hung up in my writing and the words log-jam
in my mind, I will sit at the railroad and believe that
I am only one inch tall.  

My dad gave me my first train set a long time ago. I was hooked the moment he set up the track and I watched the engine tear around the loop.
I remember the smile on his face. He knew what he was doing.
I hope he watches the trains on my new layout; perhaps he wanders through it while I am not watching. 


The miniature adventures continue:  The Freedom of Imagination - Hawks Ridge

Passenger and logging trains are the mainstay of the Hawks Ridge and Winding Canyon Railway. 

Here we see a few of the trains as they trundle their way from station to station. 


  1. My partner and I just read your book....we are avid canoeists and live in Nature and are in love with Haliburton County.....we loved your book - the feelings of nature and your native spirit has brought us closer to the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

    1. Thank you so very much, for your comment: when you're in touch with nature to the degree that I feel you are, you most likely recognize the subtle nuances of energy which flood any natural habitat. I wrote this book as if I was transcribing an external voice. I am so glad that you picked up on the hidden messages within the book's text. I am hoping to release the sequel to A Long Paddle Home in the near future. Stay tuned and stay green. It's comments like your's which give me hope that natural areas will continue to thrive ~ R.G Wright/Hawks Shadow "Keep Paddling"


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