Monday, January 20, 2020

This Muskrat looks sad.

Winter has settled into Algonquin Highlands with  a cascade of snow that stole in on an east wind during the night. 

I wandered past my canoe rack and for a moment, I thought the Muskrat looked forlorn, as if waiting for spring to arrive. 

As I walked through the newly painted landscape, I pondered the time distance between the present and the spring. I found myself looking into the future without being aware of the now. 

Breathing in deeply and then exhaling,  I released the future for the present and let my mind drift as my snowshoes left notes of my passage.

The forest floated by and I immersed myself into the world of the wild ones. Feeling their eyes on me, I would stop and slowly scan my surroundings. 
I did not see another creature;however, they were there.

I know of this because on my return trip, I crossed over my own tracks. Superimposed on them were the tracks of deer, mouse, fisher and red squirrel. 

I love a fresh blanket of snow, it creates a new page upon which the characters of the forest can sign their names. 

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